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I’ve been reading a lot lately about vulnerability, and how it’s the key to living as a whole hearted person. I have always considered myself fairly comfortable with change, pretty flexible, and open to growing and learning (even when it pushes me out of my comfort zone). I would be the first to encourage others to let their fears go, to let their walls down. I work hard to try to create fun, welcoming, and inclusive environments for my clients to be themselves. But what happened when I tried to ask the same of myself recently was very telling.

I recently had a free afternoon on a Friday. I was finishing editing a wedding, and it all came together a bit quicker than I was expecting. It was Noon, and I was DONE. Unheard of!  While I thought about calling it a day and heading to happy hour or pouring a hot bath, I decided the creative juices were still flowing, and I wanted to set up a shoot in my hallway.  An hour or two later I had multiple flashes set up with the colored gels I’ve been wanting to play with more, and there I was (still unshowered for the day, if I’m being honest), sitting in a floor length dress that has a special sentimental value to me.

My concept came from a song I love. I’m obsessed with music. And the title of this image comes from its lyrics. I was thrilled with the result, and just proud. What followed, however, was a big back and forth between myself (and a couple other people) about whether or not it was appropriate to post. I found myself going back and forth for a week. I realized that had I captured this image of someone else, I’d be begging them to let me post it. I’d be so proud of it technically and thematically.  I’d hope and pray that they would say yes.  And here I was going back and forth with only myself. What I realized was that we all like to see others showing vulnerability, but it’s hard to step in those shoes ourselves.  In the effort to push myself further every day, I’m sharing this with you now.  Thanks for reading, and cheers to all of you out there daring greatly, whatever that might mean to you.


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