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Well, isn’t this an exciting post!  I have to admit the first post is always a little intimidating for me. I’m putting myself out there in a whole new way, but I’m straight up excited.  Over the last ten years as a wedding photographer, I’ve been asked many times if I did boudoir photography.  At first the answer was no. Then the answer was a sheepish yes, but I never shared the work or thought it would be something to formally advertise.  More of a speakeasy approach: email me directly with the secret words and you’re in!  So you might be asking yourself, “Elena, what changed?”  That’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately too.  I think it’s as simple as this: Photographing boudoir images (or intimate lifestyle portraits, or whatever you’d like to call them) makes me feel like I can slow down and really craft an image again.  Weddings, as fast paced as they are, provide a different (and wonderful) challenge of creating something one of a kind with zero time.  A different and equally exhilarating challenge is the opposite: (gulp!) taking my time.



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Alexa in Calgary

And just like that we've gone international! This lovely Canadian was a joy to photograph.